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Introduction to Unifi VIP (Video, Internet, Phone)

With Unifi High Speed Broadband service from TM, you can…

  • Download large (file size) DVD quality movies and music video clips in a matter of minutes or even a few seconds depending on the file size.
  • Enjoy a new TV experience through TV over broadband ( IPTV ) where they can access TV channels over a private network in high definition format with high stability. IPTV also offers the ability for high content user interactivity through its video-on-demand feature.
  • Work from home and stay in touch with their offices or clients and business associates anywhere in the world in real time through high speed Internet, video and voice connections.
  • Enjoy a richer, secure shopping and e-commerce experience from the comfort of their homes by accessing virtual shops on-line around the world through real time video and chat.
  • Play on-line games simultaneously with anyone in the world in real time and high resolution format.
  • Access educational services such as ‘study on-line’ and participate in virtual classroom discussions with their tutors anywhere in the world as well as enjoy a rich research experience by being able to download books, journals and magazines in a matter of minutes.
  • Receive real time medical diagnosis and advice from local and international medical practitioners in the comfort of their homes through high speed Internet, high definition video and voice connections.

All in all, UniFi will enable and bring greater value for Malaysians through a richer digital lifestyle and online experience , enhanced competitiveness and world-class broadband infrastructure .