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  • This service is subjected to a 24-month contract and a termination fee of RM500 is chargeable for termination of service within the contract period.
  • Package downgrades will be subjected to a fee of RM200. For any upgrade or downgrade request that requires a visit by TM to a Customer’s premises, an additional fee of RM200 will be imposed.
  • UniFi residential packages will be subjected to a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which is a global practice.
  • The 1st UniFi bill will include the installation fee as well as 2 months’ Subscription Fee payable upfront (current and subsequent month).
  • Customers can view their UniFi bill online. Printed bills will only be made available upon request.
  • Prior to UniFi Service subscription, Customer credit worthiness verification will be performed.
  • Customer agrees to receive advertising and promotional news as well as information on HyppTV via all media.
  • Customer may use HomePlug/BPL for Hypp TV, however, please note that the service usage may be affected by various factors such as interference from other electrical equipment in the vicinity, actual copper quality of Customer’s power line wiring, the length of the power line, etc. TM will not be able to support or provide any guarantee to the service quality.


  • Installation time for fibre in landed properties is between 5 to 8 hours. For high-rise buildings utilising Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL2) technology is between 2 to 3 hours.
  • Installation fee only covers the standard UniFi installation practice. This excludes charges imposed by external contractors for concealed wiring, over ceiling, customised wiring, etc.
  • Internal concealed wiring will not be carried out by TM. However, Customers may choose their own contractors or TM’s authorised list of contractors at their own expense.
  • Customer or Authorised Representative must be available during the UniFi Service installation to sign off the installation process.
  • Customer and/or Authorised Representative must provide NRIC during the UniFi Service installation for verification purpose.
  • A penalty of RM200 shall be charged for inaccessibility to premises and/or deferment of installation on the day of installation. Any changes or deferment must be made at least 24 hours before the appointment time. Any re-appointment is subject to time slot availability.
  • Customer will be responsible for providing a 4-socket extension cord to complete the installation.
  • Minimal drilling is required for fibre installation to the premises.