Increase Your Knowledge - Top Android Learning Apps

So you have a deep desire to learn something new. That’s great! There is no wrong time to learn something new. The main concern now is where to learn what you really want. Fortunately, in our modern technological era, studying is easy as never before. Every day you have access to thousands of learning materials. All you need is to know where to look for them. So many software developers support human’s thirst for knowledge. As a result, the Play Market is full of various apps with a single purpose to educate people on different topics of their choices. Here is a list of just a few Android learning apps we are happy to recommend.


If you want to study languages, Duolingo should become your new best friend. It is a great app for this purpose. Duolingo has an extremely large variety of languages. It also has a friendly community of learners and teachers who can help you study. Any time you have questions about a lesson, you can simply ask in the comments. Someone will always answer you. It also has a rather intuitive user-friendly design. So you won't have to be distracted from studying. Duolingo is often mentioned in paymetodoyourhomework review as a great helper with foreign languages. There’s also a fun mascot to encourage you to study and never give up.


The sole purpose of Elevate is to keep your mind sharp. It is impossible to explain just how much it does. There are numerous games in five major disciplines, which include maths, writing, and reading. The games are engaging and fun. There is a large variety of them, so you won’t get bored. In addition, Elevate has a marvelous design. It has been named an app of the year back in 2014 and we definitely agree with that! You can find positive mentions of this app even among essaypro reviews. It’s that good. You can use the app for free or pay a yearly subscription.


There’s hardly a person who hasn't heard of the TedTalks. Though, if you still don't have a Ted app on your smartphone, you surely need to fix it ASAP. This application is incredibly convenient. Here you can have numerous lists for various themes of the talks. It also offers an easy search by topics, speakers' names, or topics. Also, every week it creates a special playlist for you according to your personal preferences.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a fountain of knowledge. It is a must-have for any young specialist who wishes to upgrade their skills. It is a platform full of training, courses, and tutorials on various skills and specialties. It can give you the inspiration to pursue further education in your field, or persuade you to take on a completely different profession journey. The thing is, it has enough study material to help you out in any of your beginnings. All courses are created by professionals and experts in their field. You should have no worries about the credibility or quality of the lessons.

Google Arts and Culture

Education can mean a lot of things. To our opinion, your education is not complete without a general course on art and culture. Fortunately, this Google Arts and Culture app can fix any knowledge gaps of such nature. This application is stylish, convenient, and incredibly easy to use. Whenever you have any art-related questions, you can always count to receive your answers here. The app can tell you everything about different art schools, museums, essay pro reviews, or even any cultural events that happen nearby. Also, every day it gives you new material to learn according to your preferences.